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Will cybercriminality interest the candidates in the presidential election? (3)
By Carlo Revelli

Founder and CEO of Cybion, author of "Strategic Intelligence on the Internet" (Dunod).


  • It is also very useful for users to master the traditional search engines, or even intelligent agents (software that makes it possible to optimize information research on the Internet). Each individual could become a sort of "ethical link in the network" by using search tools and intelligent software efficiently . The challenge is to be able to make use of the "collective" intelligence of the Internet by using tools from artificial intelligence (intelligent agents) and methods from strategic intelligence (information research).
But the real question is to understand what organization should be charged with receiving and analyzing complaints of this nature. The heart of the problem is the libertarian and transnational nature of the Internet. To group the notifications and complaints, a national governmental organization would find it difficult to be credible and efficient. It would be too easy and too tempting to find ways around its action. Probably, it is necessary to create a new international non-governmental organization, or else to use existing independent organizations such as the different national antenna of the Internet Society. This new independent organization, international but present in every country, would be responsible for federating user notifications and then transmitting them to the competent local, or if necessary international, authorities.


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