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KaZaA : the Swiss Army Knife of peer-to-peer agents
Heard the latest hit on the radio? It was only a minute ago, but already itís impossible for you to live without it? You must have it! Donít panic... take the KaZaA route to satisfying your thirst for music and multimedia.

Audiogalaxy : a new swapping universe
Audiogalaxy is a file sharing agent with a special place in the ever growing world of peer-to-peer systems. Developed by the company of the same name, Audiogalaxy has two modules: a website at and downloadable software called "Audiogalaxy Satellite". Both are necessary, as you canít download any music without first installing the associated software.

Imesh: a successor to Napster
The Internet philosophy of "freedom and universal communication" has found a new warrior with the spread of peer-to-peer technology. Why seek for information through intermediates, when you can "help yourself" on your neighbourís computer? Imesh, following in the footsteps of Napster, gives access not just to MP3 audio files, but also to video, images, documents as well as programs.

Morpheus: file sharing like youíve never seen before
It searches for online music, video, images and much more. It automatically organizes your downloads and puts them in the appropriate folders. It scans thousands of computers throughout the world looking for "the" file that you need: Morpheus is a highly effective file sharing agent.

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