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Who is your guide ? Cybelle - Who is your guide?
" Hi, my name's Cybelle and I'll be your guide in AgentLand ".
These are the first words spoken by Cybelle, who will be your companion in finding the information that you are looking for in Agentland.
Who is she ?______________________________
Cybelle is half-robot, half-woman, and 100% virtual. She lives in AgentLand and spends her time navigating the vast flow of information in cyberspace. Her job is to guide you through the site and help you find the agent that is best suited to what you want to do.
Some personal details______________________
Cybelle was born in December 2000, a few days before AgentLand went online. From birth, Cybelle has been brought up to be an expert on the world of agents. Thanks to her training and her journeys on the Net, she is gradually developing her own character, and seems to be someone who is very curious, who already has her own sense of humour.
How can she help you ?__________________________________
Cybelle - How can she help you ? Cybelle is your virtual guide in AgentLand : she is there to help, inform and guide you. To ask a question, just write it normally in the text box above her head.
If you have a problem using Cybelle________________________
Cybelle is a young guide and she still has lots to learn. Her adopted father (the botmaster) teaches her new things about the world and agents every day, so she is becoming more and more intelligent. All the same, if she doesn't understand one of your really important questions, then you can send it directly to the botmaster if you wish.
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