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Bearshare: The trendy bear
Bearshare is a peer-to-peer agent enabling you to freely exchange different types of files between connected computers. [>>]
Lexibot: how to conquer the Invisible Web ?
The Lexibot software developed by BrightPlanet allows you to simultaneously query many databases in what is known as “Invisible Web”. [>>]
Newsline: hot news!
Newsline is an agent which will keep you posted about the latest news, 24 hours a day. Published by BBC Online, it allows information addicts to be regularly informed about events all around the world. [>>]
Window Washer: clean up your footprints!
Did you know that your computer can be washed clean? Most software stores information about your computer activity: the documents you opened, the sites you visited and many other things. Anybody can know what you have been doing. What’s more, storing this information takes up a great deal of hard disk space that will keep growing if you don’t do something about it! There’s nothing better than a bit of spring-cleaning to make your computer seem brand new! [>>]
RoboForge: it is alive…Alive!
Fed up with the world around you, are you sometimes gripped by violent impulses? Whoah, careful! AgentLand can help save you from yourself. Other people might recommend green tea to calm you, but we suggest a game that allows you to free your warrior instincts. With RoboForge, build a gladiator that will combat other robots for you in a virtual arena. [>>]
Morpheus: file sharing like you’ve never seen before
It searches for online music, video, images and much more. It automatically organizes your downloads and puts them in the appropriate folders. It scans thousands of computers throughout the world looking for "the" file that you need: Morpheus is a highly effective file sharing agent. [>>]
Dynamic Submission 2000, submit to a maximum of search engines
It’s ready at last, your Website has just gone online. Shiny and new, you’re expecting hundreds of surfers to visit it. You wait... and wait. Well, don’t wait too long: without efficient indexing, and a tool which automatically submits your site to the various search engines and directories, waiting can be a long process... [>>]
Novobot: nothing but the news !
Political, financial, cultural news interests you; being well-informed is a priority, for professional or personal reasons. If this is the case, Novobot could be a great help to you. [>>]
MP3 Dancer: a whole band!
During the coffee break, everyone has the right to relax and have a bit of fun to calm their overworked brain cells. Do you take the time to do so? How would you feel about heading down to the discotheque right now? And watching professionals dance to your favorite music, for your pleasure only? For a temptation, a secret wish, just call the MP3 Dancers. [>>]
Alligator: your downloading companion
Alligator is a download manager that makes it easier for you to retrieve the Internet files that you want. [>>]
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