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Webseeker : databases will have no secrets.
Webseeker is like a traditional search engine, except it gives users the double possibility of entering new sources manually and of re-filtering retrieved documents off-line. [>>]
WebSite Watcher : keep an eye on the Web
The Web is continually growing. New Web sites worth monitoring appear every day. But strangely, you still only have two eyes and one mouse to keep a watch on them all. Why donít you ask WebSite Watcher for some help? It will be the third eye that you have always wanted ;-). [>>]
Copernic Shopper Plus : get products in a click
For shopping addicts, always on the lookout for products at the lowest price. For those who donít have the time to go from store to store and compare prices. For lazy people who prefer staying at home, instead of shopping : Copernic Shopper Plus could bring them happiness. [>>]
WebZIP : the site retrieval toolbox
With its user-friendly interface and original features, WebZIP combines business with pleasure. Itís not only a site retriever, but also a real content management tool because it is able to capture, update, compress and export the retrieved information. [>>]
Atomica, encyclopaedic knowledge is within one clickís reach
Atomica is an agent which provides the information you want in a click of the mouse. From your computer or any other application, search for any term or expression and get immediate answers. [>>]
Audiogalaxy : a new swapping universe
Desperate to find the MP3 file of your favorite song? Tired of using search engines, or randomly surfing sites with little chance of success? Thinking of canceling your ISP subscription, selling off your computer? Stop!!! Try out the peer-to-peer galaxy ... [>>]
Zapper: zap boring searches!
With a single click, Zapper pops up from your computer to help you during you search. Fast, light and efficient, Zapper is waiting for just one thing: to be personalized! [>>]
Cli-mate: the Webís frog
What will the weather be like tomorrow? OK, so itís not an existential question, but knowing the answer would help you plan your trips, organize yourself for the week-end or just decide what to wear the next day. Just ask Cli-mate, and it will tell you everything about the weather. [>>]
Imesh: a successor to Napster
Imesh is a peer-to-peer agent which allows you to share your files and get more directly from the source, from other Internet usersí computers As long as they are members of the same sharing community. [>>]
Glooton: are you a searcher or a metasearcher?
Inspired by Sherlock, Mac OSís integrated software, Glooton submits your query to multiple online search engines, as defined by its thematic plug-ins. [>>]
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