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Alexa makes Web sites talk
Alexa is a browsing agent that works with your Web browser, providing it with some interesting new options. Want to have more information about the site you are currently visiting ? Then Alexa is the agent that you need. [>>]
KaZaA : the Swiss Army Knife of peer-to-peer agents
Heard the latest hit on the radio? It was only a minute ago, but already it’s impossible for you to live without it? You must have it! Don’t panic…take the KaZaA route to satisfying your thirst for music and multimedia. [>>]
C4U : The Web watchman
C4U is an intelligent monitoring agent that will notify you each time there is a change in the text, images, links etc. in the designated pages. [>>]
MemoWeb: retrieved, relieved!
MemoWeb Flash has been developed by Goto Software, owner of the Web accelerator WebEarly, among other products. This agent belongs to the family of site retrieval tools. You can use it to browse Web sites off-line with no time or connexion worries. [>>]
Webspector 2.2 monitors for you !
Webspector is an intelligent agent that monitors your favorite Web pages and alerts you automatically when changes occur on them. [>>]
PostPet : cuddly toy attacks !
Your children have a passion for Internet? They spend their time sending emails to classmates or penpals from other parts of the world? PostPet will make these moments special. [>>]
DigOut4U : natural language is within bots’ reach
Semantics for all is becoming a reality in the field of information retrieval on Internet. Now DigOut4U from Arisem enables you to search in natural language and to analyze the content of retrieved documents. [>>]
WebWhacker : not just any site retrieval tool!
WebWhacker is a Web page downloading agent, or in other words a site capture tool that makes all or part of the information available on your computer. Each local Web site is an exact replica of the original, allowing you to browse off-line, without an Internet connection. [>>]
BullsEye Pro : reach your target !
BullsEye is a search agent developed by IntelliSeek. In version 2, BullsEye is available in Plus and Pro versions: the second one, which has all the features offered by the editor, is undoubtedly the most complete. [>>]
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