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EarthBrowser, a sky-high view of the world's weather
Ever wanted to know what the Earth looks like from the stars? EarthBrowser gives you the birds-eye view (should that be the astronauts-eye view?) of Planet Earth. Zoom in on weather conditions around the planet and have the whole world at the end of your fingertips! [>>]
Bonzi Buddy: look out for the Gorilla!
Surfing the Web can rapidly become a repetitive task.Same sites, same pages.Fed up with that? Fortunately, there is a way to fight digital monotony: adopt a gorilla!Bonzi Buddy is a program that gives you the illusion of artificial life. This purple gorilla could become your true personal assistant. [>>]
Teleport Pro : the Web eater
Teleport Pro is an intelligent web site retrieval agent that can automatically download all or part of a website. [>>]
@nymail – keep track of multiple e-mail accounts
One of the results of lightning fast communication is the risk that if you don’t keep up with the flow of information, you rapidly become submerged by it. [>>]
Agent - News & Mail Reader: a graphic interface for Usenet
Agent – News & Mail Reader is a tool which enables you to browse and configure newsgroups in the Usenet universe. [>>]
There’s a spider on my desktop! [>>]
Thinking about adopting a dog, a cat, a goldfish? You are still hesitating… Sure, it would liven up your home…but it’s not very original. Happily we have a much “trendier” solution for you: adopt a tarantula [>>]
eCatch gets its hands on the Web
eCatch is an offline browser with Web monitoring capabilities, developed by La Mine. Light and powerful, it adapts well to both simple and advanced uses. [>>]
InfraNet : organize your personal web
Build a little corner of the Web that perfectly matches your tastes with InfraNet. Customize groups of search engines and web sites that you use, so you always feel at home. [>>]
Noa: a guardian angel on your desktop
For all those who can’t afford to hire a full-time personal assistant, we have a solution: Noa. She will be your devoted virtual assistant, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Besides, she doesn’t need holidays - so how come that she is always so tanned? [>>]
Enfish Onespace: tying it all together
"As the computer takes an ever greater place in your personal and professional life, keeping on top of all your different types of documents is becoming more and more urgent. Enfish Onespace could be just the tool for the job. [>>]

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