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Copernic Agent : an information retrieval, analysis and monitoring solution
Copernic Agent is well-known search software. Historically, it is one of the first metasearchers to be made available as downloadable software. Originally a ‘simple’ metasearcher, Copernic has over the years added a range of features that have turned it into a very complete solution for information retrieval, analysis and monitoring. [>>]
Window Washer: a program is good for your computer
We all have web pages that we visit several times a week, not to say several times a day. With The Easy Bee, you no longer need to type passwords, click menus and wait for downloads. Whether it is for online accounts, auctions, jobs or news headlines, you can now stop wasting time with recurrent web visits. [>>]
Watznew: build your personal information portal on the Internet
What is the best way to keep up with the latest news and changes on the Internet? Specialized news sites like CNN can give you part of the picture on the day’s hot topics. Sites like Google News and Yahoo! News offer a constant flow of information from multiple sources - but you can not choose what subjects are presented, nor what sources are used. [>>]
WebSite Watcher: the choice between power and simplicity
Website Watcher is a program that is making a lot of noise among the community of intelligent agent enthusiasts. It seems to federate a wide range of approval and positive feedback. So we decided to put Website Watcher to the test to try and answer the question that everyone is asking at the moment: is Website Watcher the ideal monitoring tool? [>>]
System Cleaner, the deep cleaner
Does your computer seem unusually slow? Then it could probably do with a clean-up! Because every time you browse the Internet, every time you work on your computer or install new software, traces and files of all sorts build up on your hard disk drive. System Cleaner deals with them by deleting them once and for all, for quicker operation and better confidentiality! [>>]
AimingClick: information is one click away
How can you obtain a definition, a encyclopaedic article or other key information with just one click of the mouse? AimingClick could be what you’re looking for, because it gives you direct access to multiple information sources. [>>]
Catch me if you can!
Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are being spied upon? That someone knows everything you are doing on your computer? Since most spy software is invisible, how would you know for sure if this is the case? And even if you managed to detect a spy, how would you get rid of it? [>>]


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