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At regular intervals, AgentLand invites experts to express their views. This section offers an enlightened vision of current technological changes and explores the possible futures.

Denis Susac
Denis Susac is a software engineer who resides in Osijek, Croatia. His specific interests include implementation of various Artificial Intelligence techniques for information retrieval and extraction, intelligent agents, mobile agents, knowledge management, data and text mining, etc. Denis was an guide to Artificial Intelligence from 1997 to 2001. He has now created a "second generation" AI portal,

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Carlo Revelli
Carlo Revelli founded Cybion after having worked in a number of different research institutes. Author of "Strategic Intelligence on the Internet" (Dunod, 1998-2000), he also created, the first virtual community for strategic intelligence professionals.

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JoŽl de Rosnay
Joel de RosnayJoŽl de Rosnay, co-founder of Cybion, Director of Forecasting and Assessment at the City of Science and Industry, Paris and proponent of popular science is the author of a number of influential works including "Symbiotic Man" (Seuil, 1995).

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