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AgentLand's Chatterbox Challenge

Why is AgentLand sponsoring the 2002 Chatterbox Challenge?

Having closely followed the 2001 edition of the Chatterbox Challenge, we were delighted when Chris Cowart contacted AgentLand. As contest coordinator, he was seeking sponsorship to build on success of the previous year's contest, and make chatterbots even more widely known. The Chatterbox Challenge is very close to our own preoccupations. Focusing on a technology that is close to our hearts - as you can see with Cybelle, our very own chatterbot - the contest truly aims to involve the widest possible number of botmasters and members of the general public.

An open contest, unique in its genre

Open to botmasters, as there as no restrictions over who can enter, no conditions to fulfill. All bots are welcome, however famous or little-known they may be. Open to the public too, via the contest web site which has a directory of links to all contestants. More importantly, visitors to the site are invited to participate by comparing the bots and voting for them, based on their own personal criteria. The public vote will be an important element in deciding the winners of the contest, in addition to the panel of judges.

The Chatterbox Challenge is unique in its genre, the only contest that brings together so many bots, and directly includes everyday Internet users in the choice of the winners. It is not a competitor for another well-known contest for chatterbots, the Loebner Prize, but rather a complement that seeks to include the maximum number of people. It shares a similar philosophy with AgentLand, the leading portal for intelligent agents and virtual assistants, and AgentLand is proud to be associated with the contest. Prizes of $1000, $500, and $250 should encourage budding and established botmasters to work even harder on their bots and, in doing so, to continue to improve the strengths and weaknesses of chatterbots in general.

TopTowards an artificial intelligence?

No chatterbot can today claim to be "intelligent" in the same way as humans. But more and more people are seeing the potential of chatterbots that offer natural, easy interaction between man and machines. Some limited form of artificial intelligence is already on display in all the chatterbots taking part in the contest. AgentLand's Chatterbox Challenge hopes to contribute to the promotion of a technology that, we believe, has a great future ahead of it.


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