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Contest judges

AgentLand is currently assembling an international panel of respected personalities in the field of chatterbots and artificial intelligence. The panel will be composed of a total of 10 judges - and you could be part of it! 2 places on the judging panel are being reserved for members of the public - so why not you?

How do I become a judge?
It's very straightforward. Write to us at on the following theme:

  • An analysis of the Cybelle chatterbot on AgentLand
What are the positive and negative points of Cybelle on AgentLand? In your opinion, does she fulfill her role as a guide to the site? Why? What does she do right, or not do to your satisfaction? What does having a chatterbot bring to the AgentLand web site? How could it go further?

You are free to discuss any aspect of the subject. AgentLand will invite the authors of the two most insightful texts to act as judges during the 2002 Chatterbox Challenge. Texts should be at least one page long, and a selection of the best ones will be published on AgentLand.

What do judges have to do?
Judges' workload will not be high. But the responsibility in taking part in the choice of the best chatterbot in the world is not to be taken lightly!

Judging will take place in two phases: in late March, before the competition, each judge will score the answers to an identical set of ten questions that have been asked to each contestant by the contest coordinator. When the public vote closes at the end of May 2002, a combination of these marks awarded by the judges and the public vote will decide the ten bots that will go on to the play-offs.

Then, each member of the judging panel will engage the leading bots in conversation, and will discuss their conversational experiences to choose a winner.

Who can become a judge?
Anyone! All you need to do is to show a real interest for the subject. However, competing botmasters and their friends and family may not apply.

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