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AgentLand's Chatterbox Challenge
What's a chatterbot?
Meet the botmasters
Meet the jury
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Who is the best conversational agent in the world?

AgentLand is sponsoring the 2002 edition of the Chatterbox Challenge, the biggest chatterbot contest ever held.

Chatterbots are talkative software programs that imitate human conversation. Their intelligence is artificial - but surprisingly realistic (just ask Cybelle for her opinion) In our special report, find out all about chatterbots: their history, how they work and how you can get involved.

Vote, choose your favorite bots and win prizes!

We want your opinion! From 1 April to 31 May 2002, chat to all the bots, and score them on the quality of their conversation at the contest site, You can win prizes too! By voting, you are automatically entered in a draw to receive one of 100 Chatterbot CDs from Nautilus Magazine, containing dozens of robots to talk with.

AgentLand has assembled an expert judging panel that brings deep experience of cutting edge technologies. Get to know the experts on the jury page.

The winner of the Chatterbox Challenge will be decided by a combination of the public vote and the judging panel. Winners will receive a trophy and:

  • 1st prize: $1000
  • 2nd prize: $500
  • 3rd prize: $250

Throughout the contest, AgentLand will be publishing a special dossier on chatterbots, including profiles of the chatterbot creators. The official site is already up and running at there, you'll find links to dozens of bots as well as expert articles by the botmasters themselves. Take a look!

Keep in touch with all the latest news about AgentLand's Chatterbox Challenge thanks to the AgentLand mailing list:


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> What's a chatterbot?
> Meet the botmasters
> Meet the jury
> Contest results
> Judges' feedback
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