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Name: Helge Ingvoldstad
Age: 20
Sex: Male
State: Oslo
Country: Norway
Chatterbots GuruBot
What gave you the idea of developing a bot?
Looking at other creations, and then I thought I wanted to make my own :)

Is creating bots a passion for you? A hobby?
It's more like a hobby, just for fun.

When did you start creating bots? Why?
I don't exactly remember. I've made many different versions of GuruBot. It started in Borland Pascal 6. But I didn't release any of them. And I lost the source :(

What language is your bot programmed in?
Right now I'm using Borland Delphi 5.

How much time do you spend working on your bot per week/month/year?
I have no idea, probably too much. :)

In your opinion, what are the best qualities of your bot?
Learning abilities.

What is your ultimate goal for your bot?
That was a tough one. The ultimate goal must be to get it to learn like a human being ;) But ... that's just the ultimate goal :)

How do you see chatterbots being used in the future?
24 hour support for example, and do other different tasks for humans so they are free to focus on other tasks.

Can chatterbots replace humans?
In some ways yes.. in others not. Maybe in time.

What is your favorite bot memory?
Getting it up and running. :)

What was your worst bot moment?
Doing the understading logic.

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