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Name: Fred Roberts
Age: 39
Sex: Male
Town: Hamburg
Country: Germany
Chatterbots Elbot
What gave you the idea of developing a bot?
The want ad offering money for it was a compelling incentive.

Is creating bots a passion for you? A hobby?
It has become a hobby, because it is still, to some extent, a pioneering field.

When did you start creating bots? Why?
I began working for Kiwilogic in the year 2000, creating bots on a professional basis. Although I had seen Eliza before, I never though about getting into such a field myself, or even imagined there was a field to get into.

What language is your bot programmed in?
Elbot has been developed using Kiwilogic's Lingubot Creator, commercial software used to develop bots.

How much time do you spend working on your bot per week/month/year?
At the moment Elbot receives a couple of hours of care per week. In his hey-day he commanded my full-time attention.

In your opinion, what are the best qualities of your bot?
Some of Elbot's answers fit just about any input, so unless you've spoken to him a few times, at least the first chats will be entertaining.

What is your ultimate goal for your bot?
I hope that some day they will build a life-size Elbot, implant the bot in his brain, and let him walk around and talk to people while I update him vie satellite. If not that, then at least the Loebner prize.

How do you see chatterbots being used in the future?
See last question: Talking robots with speech recognition and the ability to learn via artificial intelligence or wireless updates.

Can chatterbots replace humans?
Not with the current technology. For the future, Rod Serling's "The Lonely" may provide an answer.

What is your favorite bot memory?
My favorite memories are the hilarious misunderstandings, answers which unintentionally but profoundly fit:

User: Can you explain how it feels to be 18 years old?
Elbot: I have 100,000 separate sensations per second.
User: That explains it.
(Elbot recognized "Can you feel")

What was your worst bot moment?
The worst bot moment: When Elbot fails to recognize a meaningful user input. Or when Elbot recognize a friendly input as an insult, and spoils a friendly chat by reacting with an insult of his own.

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