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Name: Eugene Demchenko
Vladimir Veselov
Sergey Ulasen
Selena Semoushkina
John Denning
Michael Gershkovich
State: Saint-Petersburg
Country: Russia
Chatterbots Eugene
What gave you the idea of developing a bot?
Once, Alan Turing came to us and said, that he's very concerned and frustrated with the fact, that such smart guys spend their lives on foolish things, and didn't create anything worthy - talking program, for example.

Is creating bots a passion for you? A hobby?
A hobby, that came a passion:-)

When did you start creating bots? Why?
The two principal developers of the bot, Vladimir Veselov and Eugene Demchenko, during their work for the Alife, Inc., were in the team of Andrew The Bot creators, that entered the Loebner Prize Competition 2000 (3rd place). It was our first experience. In 2001, our bot Eugene tied to the 2-nd place in the Loebner competition.

What language is your bot programmed in?
The core of our bot is the Mangoost AI Engine, that allows development of components for solving various business problems, such as text analysis, configuration of product, and complex price calculations. The chatter bot is one of possible applications of this engine (and, probably, the most amusing one). The AIEngine itself is written in Java.

How much time do you spend working on your bot per week/month/year?
We started in June 2001. Preparing to the Loebner Prize, we were working almost every day. Now we read logs and enhance knowledge base.

In your opinion, what are the best qualities of your bot?
He makes us laugh. And not only us.

What is your ultimate goal for your bot?
Eugene Goostman doesn't have "ultimate goals". He's not so ambitious.

How do you see chatterbots being used in the future?
The word "used" seems to be offensive and discriminating. First of all, bots will create an organization "NOBAD" - "National Organization of Bots Against Discrimination" - and will hold endless chatter-meetings and bot-parades, where they will annoy each other with explanations how a doleful necessity of working (for human-beings, who shamelessly "use" them) distracts bots from all these nice meetings and parades...
And that the REAL bot shouldn't work at all, but spend all his time on fight against work and to be proud of his low intellectual abilities.Have you heard a famous NOBAD's slogan - "Blunt is Beautiful!"

Can chatterbots replace humans?
No. Otherwise (look the previous answer) they won't have anyone to blame on for their doleful life.And their nice chatter-meetings and heroic fight against discrimination will loose any sense:-)

What is your favorite bot memory?
When the bot said "Hi there!" for the first time. Actually, that time it was the only phrase he could come up with…

What was your worst bot moment?
Once, due to some bug, our bot started cycling on the phrase "My dear guinea pig also found it funny." Since he said it once, he repeated it for almost everything that people told him. Just imagine what those conversations looked like..

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