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How to get your own chatterbot

Anyone can be a botmaster! There's no need to be a star computer programmer to have your own chatterbot (though it does no harm if you are one). Chatterbots can learn new things, either by guided learning where the botmaster grows and nurtures their brain by faithfully adding new patterns, or by directly learning from their conversations on the Internet (but beware, they rapidly develop a wide range of bad language). To become a botmaster, here are some of your solutions:

Install a chatterbot on your computer

Download and install an existing chatterbot, and use its botmaster interface to rename it, adapt its personality to your own tastes and develop its brain. You might want to make your chatterbot into an expert on your specialist subject, a personal assistant able to remember key information, or just use it to surprise your friends and family. For those who have plenty of time and patience, you could even install a chatterbot like Colin, who comes with an empty brain. The only problem being that he has a lot to learn!

Download a chatterbot from AgentLand:

Contribute to a bot on-line

Adopt a chatterbot on-line. By setting up a user account on the creator's web site, you can sometimes access and teach your own personalizable chatterbot directly on-line.

Based on the principal that many hands make light work, there are also a number of collaborative projects where you are invited to contribute to the knowledge base on-line. When you find a question that the chatterbot cannot answer, you can send in this question and the answer you would like to see, and their botmaster will integrate them into the chatterbot's brain. Alice in particular has managed to build up a large community of developers working on both the content and the technical sides of their favorite lady.

Put a chatterbot on your website

Again, you have a range of possibilities, from just copying a few lines of code to provide an interface with an existing chatterbot to hosting your own creation.

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