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AgentLand's Chatterbox Challenge


Who are the men and women behind the chatterbots?

AgentLand has asked the botmasters to share their experience of creating chatterbots. In an e-mail interview, botmasters tell us about their work, their motivations and their vision of chatterbots in the future.

Discover the botmasters:

Benji Adams Profilic botmaster, Benji Adams - also known as 'The Professor' - is the founder of the Personality Forge, a unique place for creating artificial intelligences.
Jon Booth Meet the creator of Oraknobo and FanBoy.
Alan Brown Leo is one of the learning bots taking part in the Chatterbox Challenge. It learns through conversation with humans.
Terry Bruno An adept of the Personality Forge, Terry Bruno brings us her latest creation, Milo.
Bryan Carson Bryan Carson is a writer, and Cheez is for him like a character in a novel.
Sheryl Clyde Get to know the creator of the Fairy Princess.
Mark Connell Mark Connell's objective is to get his alter ego - the MarkBot - to pass the Turing Test, the "holy grail for bot builders".
Chris Cowart Last year's winner of the Chatterbox Challenge, Chris has two bots in competition: Talk-Bot and Chat-Bot.
Sally Cruikshank A big fan of Flash animation, Sally Cruikshank is the creator of Whinsey, the most talkative horse you will meet today!
Darkside Take a step into the wonderful world of Yu, the fruit of Darkside's imagination.
Ethan Elliott-Williams Part of the up and coming generation of botmasters, Ethan enters into the spirit of competition with his IRC bot, Stan.
Robby Garner Twice winner of the Loebner prize, Robby Garner is a well-known figure in the world of chatterbots.
Sam Holmes Amira likes to chew out her conversation partners, according to Sam Holmes.
Helge Ingvoldstad Helge Ingvoldstad is one of the Scandinavian participants in the Chatterbox Challenge.
Chris Johnson Chris Johnson is not making bots, he is making Artificial Intelligence!
Jordan The youngest botmaster in the Chatterbox Challenge, Jordan is... 15 years old! He's got time on his side for making a really great bot.
Joshua Kaye Gizzle's harsh exterior covers his natural joie de vivre, says Joshua Kaye. But if you chat to him for long enough, maybe he'll soften up...
Matthew Lange Matthew aims to make Steve Slacker as realistic as possible.
Greg Leedberg Greg Leedberg would like to make a bot that is indistinguishable from humans. Billy is just one step on this long road.
Mangoost development team Mangoost, Inc. was established in June of 2001. It was co-founded by Vladimir Veselov and Michael Gershkovich, and is the creator of Eugene.
Arthur Murray Arthur Murray is on a quest to take over the World Wide Web with his Mind creations.
Peter Neuendorffer Gabber is a very appropriate name for the bot created by Peter Neuendorffer. It's born to chat!
Dave O'Connor A revised take on the classic MGonz chatterbot.
Juergen Pirner The team at Nautilus Magazine did a special edition on chatterbots, and even created their own bot to accompany it.
Cecil Proulx Cecil Proulx has some interesting ideas about how bots could be used in the future.
John Reder Find out about Omnibot, a learning bot by John Reder.
Fred Roberts Elbot is built with the dedicated Kiwilogic technology, Lingubot Creator.
Yazann Romahi Mitbolel can be embedded into web pages for easy access.
Dave Scally Dave Scally is one of the botmasters currently developing commercial applications for chatterbots at
Sasha Scott Sasha Scott believes that chatterbots are good for chatting, but for real emotions there's no beating a human being...
SirRahz Jac Harris uses the Personality Forge to recreate a close friend, Chas.
Paulo Vacirca Paula is a hot bot developed by the Swedish botmaster, Paulo Vacicra.


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