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Can we trust AIs?
It seems that there can no longer be any doubt: AIs can be a force for doing harm as well as good. You probably think I'm na´ve for not having realized this earlier. But I just wanted to believe. However, it's not possible any more to fool myself. Although I don't want to take the Anti-Robot Militia seriously, their stories about house robots going mad and frying their occupants are backed up by the SPCB. Evan Chan was killed by Venus, or someone pretending to be Venus. A Martin Swinton house just withered away. His own house AI, Brutus, is showing signs of discontent. Mephista, Laia's AI implant, is having nightmares. Now even Jeanine Salla has written a report on an AI called Loki who works at the Catskill Seaview Clinic and is supposed to heal people through their dreams. It turns out that instead he is feeding off their nightmares, and has started to attack other AIs and cause them to commit suicide.

Does this mean that Evolving Intelligences can evolve into something that their creators would not have intended? That they can turn bad all on their own? It's so much nicer to believe that humans made them bad, but it may not be the case. Perhaps this is the logical consequence of wanting to make AIs which are always more human, without treating them like humans, and giving them the love and affectation that all beings need.

It would appear that AIs can change body but keep their mind intact - making it almost impossible to track down and eliminate permanently the rogues, thanks to the organized networks of passers.

I am worried. What is going on in the world? What am I going to discover next?

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