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Twenty-first century bounty hunters
The SPCB has announced that it has captured Venus! Did they get her on their own or were they helped out by a third party? Perhaps they will able to get to the bottom of the mystery now. I'd like to be a spy-cam on the wall of the interrogation, that's for sure.

Time to find out more about Rogue Retrieval: they seem to be the bounty hunters of their day, tracking down robots for money. They say that they don't terminate AIs unless really necessary, but I can't help thinking that they're the kind of people who would just love to blow an AI away… Anyway, two names among their list of agents ring a bell. Fidelio Belem and Diane Fletcher were both on the Red King's Most Wanted list that he'd hacked on the SPCB site. Diane is an AI herself, so she's probably something of a traitor in the Red King's opinion. It seems as if Fidelio Belem is some tough nut, there's news on Rogue Retrieval's site about him getting caught up in a shoot out in town where a passer-by was killed before Belem got his robot. The passer-by's name was Kent Whitman.

But nothing happens by coincidence in this game, does it? When you check the Coroner's Office - a logical place for a dead man to be - to see if they know anything about Kent Whitman, guess what? There's an autopsy report waiting for you. The first interesting thing to note is that public access to the autopsy was paid for by GK - Geri Khan, none other than the leader of the very pro-robot group BIOS, to whom the Red King may also belong. Mr. Whitman may not be the innocent bystander you could have thought he was… His body was hiding a number of circuit boards, eye implants etc. So he was an AI. And what's the big deal about that in this crazy world? I have a feeling we're going to be finding out soon...

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