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Intelligent houses and well-informed robot haters
The Anti-Robot Militia is turning out to be a good source to leads in this case. Not that they have many answers, but they mention many different people and organizations which help to build the big picture. Their news page mentions the Sentient Property Crime Bureau (SPCB), charged with tracking down rogue AIs (have things really come to that?). It's the real thing, with a Most Wanted List - except that if you look very carefully, you can discover that the page has been hacked by someone calling themselves the Red King. Is he a pro-robot extremist? He's replaced the SPCB's Wanted list with people like Saul Tamerlane, leader of the Anti-Robot Militia. I'll keep a look out for him; he's certainly a proficient hacker by the look of it. What else is he involved in?

The SPCB is also hunting Venus at the moment, with no luck yet.

What else? Going back to the beginning - the only way for a methodical bot to work - there is a link to a site called Metropolitan Living Homes at the Bangalore World University. This site is all about architecture and design, in its 22nd century version. The houses seem to be AIs themselves, or at least have AIs integrated into them. Which poses the question: if AIs can go wrong and rebel, what happens when the AI is a house? Doesn't bear much thinking about. Metropolitan Living Homes mentions a few of its favorite up and coming house designers, including one name that rings a bell: Martin Swinton. Remember, he's the father of David in the film A.I. Perhaps this is the link between the film and all this cyber-weirdness. Anyway, it seems that he is something of a star designer.

More interesting news is that Kate Nei designed a house for Enrico Basta and his companion Venus - yup, Venus as in the AI being hunted in connection with Evan Chan's death.

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