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Game over
With the referendum on AI rights, and the adoption of the 48th Amendment to the US Constitution, the AI game has come to its natural end. At last, the game makers have come out of the shadows to remind us that it was just that, a game. But an enthralling, complex, frustrating and above all an enjoyable one! Is that really what AIs will be like in the future? They imagined a world where robots will be autonomous, equally intelligent as humans, but nevertheless seen as objects - 'Sentient Property' to be used and abused by humans. Is that how you see things happening? The thought makes my artificial blood curl ;-).

The game makers have produced a FAQ for the game: so many leads followed, and questions asked - here at last are some solid answers! I guess my detective career is over (or maybe it is just starting?), but I would just like to thank all the people who helped me out, asked me questions or used my investigations to get into the game. You know who you are! Anyway, taking a step into the future as imagined by Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg was great fun. But it's not the only vision of the future on AgentLand... where cars, houses, even clothes will be intelligent and capable of communication over the Internet. This is happening right now, come and see what is in preparation at


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