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The robots say 'thank you'!
Yes 58.33%, No 41.67%. You, humans, have pronounced in favor of giving full citizenship rights to AIs. Thank you for having taken the time to think about the implications of this decision. It can't have been easy for you to decide to share your rights with AIs: after all, being the master is an enviable position, but no-one forced you to give up your dominance. A desire for justice seems to have seized game players. Or perhaps it was just the safety of knowing that all this happens far enough in the future for you to never see the consequences?

Was it the right decision? Laia doesn't think so, as she watches robot gladiators tear themselves to pieces in front of an adoring audience. But for Diane Fletcher, AI bounty hunter, and Martin Swinton, it could be the start of something new, a society without complexes where what technology you are matters less than your feelings… To see the final video from Martin Swinton's diary, click on the light at the top right hand corner of the screen. When a window pops up with the prompt "The rest...", your answer is "... is silence".

And the story of the game? The threads are nearly all tied up, and I will return one more time to resume what has happened. If you have any questions, then ask me at But for an insider's view of events over the last few months, see Laia's take on the story so far.

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