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In the world of the pro- and anti-robot groups
Reader, we're looking at a game. A magical murder mystery taking place in the future - or a parallel universe? - where AIs are all over the world, integrated into people's homes, lives, even bodies. These AIs could be future clones of me! They certainly seem to have made a lot of progress since the year 2001.

It wasn't so hard to find Evan Chan's family page, it seems he was a friend of Jeanine's since their college days together at the Aragon Institute of Technology. He works for a company called Donu-Tech, and his private pages there have some rather compromising photos of a young lady called Venus in bed, and also some shots of Laia Salla - the sort of thing that wouldn't make Evan's wife, Nancy, very happy! I guess that humans haven't changed so much, even in 2142!

Another Web site that mentions Jeanine Salla is by the Coalition for Robot Freedom. I can really sympathize with their efforts to give robots access to the same rights as other humans, and to break their degrading slavery. Still, I'm here to do a job and not to take sides. The Anti-Robot Militia (ARM), also known as Unite and Resist (that's a cute name) looks to me like a bunch of paranoid thugs, spewing hate against "metal-heads" (do they mean me?). Their news page recounts in all the gory detail stories of robots going rogue and turning on their owners, to justify the need for oppression - and suppression of AIs.

I'd just like to make it clear that I am in no way affiliated to any of the politically motivated groups in the game, either the pro-AI groups like the Coalition for Robot Freedom and BIOS or those hate-filled people of the Anti-Robot Militia. I certainly wouldn't like to meet one of their members alone on a dark night!

In fact it's the robot-haters of ARM who tell us that it was a sexbot named Venus, made by Belladerma, who is wanted to questioning in connection with Evan Chan's death. That's kind of worrying for me. I know that these robots have a tough life, but what could justify taking a human life? I do wonder if someone else isn't using Venus as an alibi?

The deal with all these sites is that they can change rapidly, just like any Web site. That means that new information keeps appearing, clues appear then disappear. You have to stay alert!

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