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Death of an AI pioneer
Allen Hobby, known as the Visionary, has died at the age of 99. A pioneer in artificial intelligence research, he was notably responsible for piloting the very first Evolving Intelligence project in the 2090s that sought to build AIs capable of feeling emotions and evolving throughout their lifetime. Of course, by 2142, this type of AI had become standard. With his disappearance, a chapter in AI history is brought to a close. But was Allen Hobby a victim of circumstances, or did someone hasten his end?

According to Cybertronics, Hobby was flying over the Atlantic Ocean in an amphibicoptor when it mysteriously crashed. This event could be put in relation to other unexplained periods of "whiteness" in AIs that control sea-based systems, such as the TP (thermo-plankton)-Web. Someone seems to be attacking, or sabotaging these essential AIs, which has dramatic consequences for both humans and robots, as the earth's climate escapes from all control. Water levels rise, submerging coastal areas, and "accidents" such as what happened to Allen Hobby claim yet more lives. Following Jeanine Salla, another AI pioneer disappears. Whose interests does it serve to remove these people? The interests of those who want to discredit the robots, in the run up to the referendum on the Mann Act II, I say.

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