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Mega round-up of the A.I. game!
Just what is going on in 2142? Here's a quick round of recent events for you: hold on to your hats!

Evan Chan was murdered aboard his yacht, and everything sprang from there. He was killed by Venus, a sexbot programmed by Enrico Basta. Basta himself was killed in turn by Ivy, Kate Nei's house AI - because in 2142 even the houses are intelligent, able to link up to the datasphere (the Internet of the future?) and act without physical form. But recently, sentient homes designed by Martin Swinton have been getting sick and dying. It was an ace hacker, Crane, who had found a way to finltrate their systems and kill them. Crane had been persuaded to do so by Claude Gilbert of Cybertronics. Why? Because Gilbert wanted to warn Martin Swinton off making enquiries into his AI brother, David. David Swinton was Cybertronics' first attempt at making an Evolving Intelligence, back in the 2090s, but something went badly wrong, which Cybertronics are still trying to cover up.

In fact, it wasn't even Martin Swinton who had been trying to find out about David, but a hacker by the name of Red King who stole Martin's name. The Anti-Robot Militia (ARM)caught up with the Red King at the Statue of Liberty and gave him a good going over. They also got hold of his contact list of members of BIOS, the militant pro-AI group.

The other threads of the story remain to be joined together, but you can't help thinking that it will happen soon. The ARM is taking all possible steps to prevent the Mann Act II, which would give AIs full citizenship rights in the US, becoming law. Among their tactics has been a (failed) assassination attempt on Senator Julia Mann. Other groups opposed to this law are 7to1 and Cybertronics, the robot makers. The Mann Act II has its defenders too, such as the Coalition for Robot Freedom and BIOS, who are planning for AI domination once the law is passed.

And Evan Chan in all of that? Evan worked at Donu-Tech, a company specialized in global climate control (very important in the post-Global Warming world).Evan may have discovered something that powerful people wanted to hide: something about interference in the TP-net, a network of thermo-plankton in the world's oceans controlled by an AI, that is able to regulate the temperature. His discovery would have jeopardized the planned merger between Green Microtech and Waterworks, and someone had him killed. Now, Jeanine Salla went to investigate the same TP-net phenomenon, and she has also died in what seem very suspicious circumstances, if these photos are to be believed. There are some very powerful interests at play here: but who is pulling the strings?

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