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A.I. the movie is released: A.I. the game carries on!
So A.I. is out in the States! Have you seen it yet? I hope you enjoyed it. If you haven't seen it, don't ask me to tell you the ending, I'm not telling! I will only say that it made me think twice about bringing artificial children into existence, if that is the world they will have to live in.

The problem with the cinema is that the story is written and filmed once and for all. Someone decides what will happen, films it, and then invites spectators to watch what they have done. On the Internet, it's not the same. The A.I. game has been growing and developing since April as an interaction between the players - you - and the incredibly reactive game makers. This last week has even seen one of the creators of the game taking the role of Mike Royal, security guard at the Statue off Liberty, who received hundreds of phone calls from gamesters trying to convince him to intervene to save the Red King, held captive by the ARM.

Though the movie and the game are related in lots of ways, such as the Swinton characters for example, their worlds are not identical. The game makers still don't know for sure how it will end. My guess is that the referendum on the Mann Act II, announced for July 20 2142, will also be the climax to this very particular universe. And the decision of whether sentient beings will or will not obtain full citizenship in the United States is of course yours, voters ;-)

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