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Visit the Clinique de Lille for the modern approach to medecine!
Another new game site has been launched. Clinique de Lille, a French neurological institute, is specialized in a practice not so distant from current-day concerns: they cryogenically store people suffering from degenerative diseases, while searching for a cure. Only their treatment methods seem somewhat heavy handed - they prefer to call them "unique". Indeed, the question of ethics, of lack of, could be behind BWUs decision to end their joint research project with the Clinique de Lille. More to come soon.

You remember how Sentient Houses have been getting into trouble recently? the suicides of Cahir and Origen, Ivy's revenge killing of Enrico Basta etc... It's been clear since the beginning that Martin Swinton would be a key figure in the game, to make the link to the Swinton family in the A.I. movie. Martin's taking a more and more central role and his diary, although well-protected by puzzles, is a good source of information. By attacking his houses, someone is apparently trying to contact David Swinton through Martin, though why they are taking such a long and torturous route is beyond me.

As predicted, the Mann Act II has been placed before the U.S. Senate, though it could be in for a rough ride. Get your voting fingers ready!

Thanks to all the people who have been sending in clues and hot news recently. It'll take many hands to get to the bottom of the mystery - and the release date is almost here. I must hurry up! But there are many of us now - even someone on is giving an overview of the game. Unless they are deliberately trying to mislead us?

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