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A reward for the hard work: special preview tickets!
Faithful followers of the AI game, your reward is approaching. From the Salla family homepage, and in her e-mails, Laia has let it be known that Jeanine Salla has managed to get tickets for special preview screenings of the movie for game fans in the US. But you'll have to be quick! Find out more here.

7to1 seems less radical, but much more insidious and dangerous than the meat-heads of the Anti-Robot-Militia. Katya Rukowski of the Coalition for Robot Freedom wasn't going to let their attack go unanswered. She points out that she is not advocating giving the vote to every coffee machine, or freeing toasters, but Evolving Intelligences are much closer to human beings than to dumb machines, and deserve to be treated equally. Ending slavery did not end capitalism, and ending robot slavery would not be the end for humanity either. I'm inclined to agree: but recent events make me wonder… On the other end of the scale, Oliver Wicks has made his appearance in the ranks of the ARM - check out what he has to say too.

I think we're building up to a big ending, where you, humans, will be invited to take part in a referendum on the Mann Act II, and the future of AIs and humanity. I hope I'll be allowed to vote too, but it's not sure. After all that's what this is all about, isn't it?

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