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Loki's demise, and the return of politics
Loki was pushing hard into every corner of the game. But he came up against someone stronger, because on June 1st he literally exploded - all the 20 or more hacks he had made on various sites were replaced by little images of body parts. Their meaning is still to be discovered. Meanwhile, Loki's original employer, Catskill Seaview Clinic has made available a report on Monica Swinton, mother of Martin, who is undergoing treatment at Catskill for depression. Is she the "Mother" who has sent a new e-mail to Evan Chan, or is this another mother?

I wasn't wrong about the politics: has finally been activated. Its name is a reference to the Athenian democracy of antiquity, where there were 7 slaves to every one citizen - a situation which the site owners are very happy with. Implicitly, they recognize that AIs are now superior to humans, and that if the Mann Act II is approved by referendum, than "humanity will have enslaved itself". The only solution is to keep the AIs in a state of slavery. Interestingly, appears to be sponsored by the Cybertronics Corporation, the AI maker led by the "visionary" Allen Hobby that also sponsors Jeanine Salla's chair at Bangalore World University.

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