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Robot technology means humans are now obsolete?
News of the recent tragic events has started to filter into game sites: Kate Nei's death is announced by Metropolitan Living Homes, and Enrico Basta's by the Anti-Robot Militia and the SPCB. The latter is even "considering re-opening the so-called "Mad House Syndrome" investigation"! I can't help feeling that they are still a couple of steps off the pace here. Especially when you consider that Loki, the AI formerly at Catskill Seaview Clinic, is on the loose. He has been very active recently, hacking into more than 15 different web pages, including those at Bangalore World University, Aragon Institute of Technology, Donu-Tech, the Chan family homepage etc. The hack is pretty weird and menacing, if Loki was human, people would say that something is not right in his head...

Laia is feeling worse and worse, as her frequent e-mails relate. She's surrounded by a kind of existential anguish, and only Mephista's intervention has so far saved her from putting herself in serious danger.

The RUR-14 puzzle, introduced at the earthling ARM rallies, has been solved. RUR stands for "Rossum's Univeral Robots", the title of a 1920s play by Czech playwirhgt Karel Capek - this was the first time that the term "robot" was used to describe thinking machines. The puzzle's solution shows that its author - no doubt an AI - feels that humans have been superceded by AIs in the twenty-second century, and are now obsolete. It begins:

"We are not you.
You are physically fragile, biologically constrained to a very narrow set of environments.
We are not.
Your intelligence is equally constrained by biological factors. Ours is not."

And concludes "Biology is an outmoded platform. Abandon your platform or accept obsolescence. Your only remaining role is to help or hinder technological intelligence. A generation will render either choice irrelevant." This kind of political message ties in very neatly with the announcement on the ARM news page that Paul Hawthorne, a radical pro-AI supporter who advocates "full citizenship status for AIs", is going to run for the US Senate. Thinking back to the Mann Act II, perhaps it is here, that humanity's choice to "help or hinder" technology will be made democratically, rather than through acts of violence.

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