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Violence in the air
The tension is starting to turn into violence. Is the climax approaching? I think it may be the case. Despite Sophia's Temple filling in the background on Laia's infertility, the Red King's true identity, the troubled pasts of Jeanine Salla, Kent Whitman and Audrey/Andrew Green, the reasons for this conflict are still not entirely clear. It's certainly not as straightforward as a case of humans vs. robots, and elements of both parties are showing signs of weakness and cupidity.

The cycle of violence has caught up with Kate Nei, killed by Enrico Basta in a blackmail affair, who was in turn tortured to death by Ivy, Kate Nei's AI. Ivy, who was only supposed to hand over an incriminating video if anything happened to Kate, seriously overstepped her mark! Perhaps she succumbed to that all too human emotion, revenge. What exactly was Enrico Basta's role? Did he really re-program Venus to attack - to kill? - men who came too close to her? We will probably never find out. But if Enrico is dead, then he can only have been a pawn in this game, not the kingmaker.

A new character has come into evidence: Svetlana Cellini. She was a colleague of Even Chan's at Donu-Tech. We already had a suspicion that she was linked to Belladerma, and maybe an AI herself. The reality is altogether more complicated, according to Jeanine Salla. Svetlana's husband traveled so much for his job that the couple decided to have an artificial replica made of her, so that they would no longer need to be separated. However, the AI in question evolved beyond being a mere clone of Svetlana, to develop her own personality and adulterous relationship with Svetlana's (consenting) husband. Murder, adultery, dual identity... What will be next? Laia doesn't know, as we can see from her meditations. She is not the only one. But I will find out, I promise!!

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