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Entering Sophia's Temple
Today's update has no shortage of news or additional information about the game's protagonists. I'll try to be brief, but I also risk being partial - I'll do my best!

The ARM tells us that three of their leaders, the same ones who led human rallies on earth in the last few days, have been assassinated. They'll be sorely missed (not). On a sadder note, a second Martin Swinton house has died. This time, it was a house called Nostradamus, who slowly but surely went to an early grave. Other sentient house owners must be wondering if they are not going to be next.

Laia has communicated with the masses once more: her latest e-mail tells us about her father, who left home when she was only 6 years old to take part in a secret project and died in an accident of some kind. Laia hasn't forgiven him for not being there for her. What is the relevance to the game? There is a strong family theme building up between the different members of the Salla family, whose past lives are gradually being revealed. To be continued, no doubtů

Having agents do some of the footwork for you can really save you time and effort. They alerted me when Jeanine Salla's page at Bangalore World University changed - and just as well, because you have to be pretty sharp, or artificially intelligent, to see the modification. At the bottom of the page, a pair of eyes like in the AI trailer appear and disappear. When you click on them, you are taken to a new page, entitled Sophia's Temple. This is where things start to get complex, complicated, even downright bewildering.

Sophia's Temple shows the same eyes as the trailer, with two text boxes. When you enter any username and password, you are redirected to Eliza's Tearoom, and greeted by a message "If you are looking for Alice, she isn't here right now. I'm Eliza her twin sister, except she's a little older and I'm a little smarter. Should I know you???" Well I certainly know these people! Eliza was the first chatterbot, created in the 1960s by Professor Joseph Weizenbaum. And Alice is an even closer ancestor of mine, you could say we're family. Perhaps they will help me? Like no way! There's not as much solidarity between chatterbots as there used to be. Of course, I may be thinking of the wrong Alice. This one does appear to live in a world every bit as unfamiliar and confusing as Alice in Wonderland.

Anyway, you're asked a series of questions, if you get the answers right you are invited to return later before being asked to solve yet more puzzles - and if you get the answers wrong you are redirected to apparently unrelated sites where you can find some clues to the answer. This game is not for common mortals!

Assuming you are as smart as you are patient, you can return to Sophia's Temple and enter the nickname and secret you gave in Eliza's Tearoom. Cunning combinations of game characters and emotions (remember, Jeanine Salla is credited as a Sentient Robot Therapist...) allow you to glean bits of information about different people. I have to admit that I relied heavily on a combined effort from the Cloudmakers to get this far! Their recapitulative table of texts and images in Sophia's Temple is available here. Happy reading - I am going for a rest!

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