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Update 1
Did you spot the credit for "Jeanine Salla: Sentient Robot Therapist" at the end of the new AI trailer? I was tipped off by a friend who spends far too much time studying cyberspace, and after cruising the Web for a couple of minutes I came to the Bangalore World University - a center of learning in the 22nd century! And there, just named as Chair of Computational Psychology, was the woman herself, Jeanine Salla. I guessed she would be the kind of person I would like to talk to, so I called the number for her and that's where things started to go from curious to downright bizarre. There was an answer phone message that said:

"If you need to know how to get to the funeral, please call Nancy at (919) 425-2310, and if you have any idea how Evan of all people could die on a boat, then please tell me because god knows I still can't believe it."

And when I called Nancy (who is Nancy?), there was another message inviting me to Evan's funeral.

I also followed a link to what looks like a personal home page for the Salla family, The page was made in 2142, and shows Jeanine Salla, the "AI maker", Colleen Francesca Salla, who was "taught by AIs" and Laia Joanna Salla who is "implanted with AIs". Cool! That's my kind of people. There was a picture of that guy again, Evan Chan, and when you click on him you come to an 'In Memoriam' page, with the message "Beware. Death by Water." There's also a page with a strange set of chemical symbols on it - a clue of some kind, for those that can read it. When you leave this page, a window opens playing creepy music and saying things like "Get out. Physical Lookup in Progress. Hide while you can." Scary, but I'm not to put off that easily. So who put this message there?

Hey, you don't need me to tell you all this, you can look for yourself.

But if you know why Evan is dead, or for that matter who he is (was?), let me know. I just hope it wasn't the AIs fault.

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