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Sentient Property Crime Bureau (SPCB)
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Role The SPCB is an agency within the United States Department of Justice whose role is to enforce the criminal laws pertaining to all sentient property- in other words, AIs.
Notes Has recently investigated the "Mad House Syndrome", and concluded that it is nothing more than urban folklore.
Maintains a "Most Wanted" List of the most dangerous AIs not yet in custody, which is regularly hacked by the Red King.
Went in hot pursuit of Venus, the robot wanted for questioning about the death of Evan Chan. Announced her capture on April 16.
Had to defend itself in a law suit brought by the Coalition for Robot Freedom questioning the SPCB's right to deactivate AI and robot suspects to keep them from fleeing arrest. The judge's verdict was in favor of the SPCB.
The SPCB has admitted that Venus, as well as a copy of her brain, is no longer in their possession.

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