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Smart houses
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Notes The houses of the twenty second century are truly intelligent. Architectural masterpieces which are fully interactive, they incorporate AI within their very design, each house having its own AI which is responsible for its perfect adaptation to the needs of its owner.
Metropolitan Living Homes has the 600th issue of its magazine on the nest new designers of sentient houses. Among them, we find Martin Swinton, Kate Nei, Beate Bosch and Macdonald Heard, all members of the International Association of Sentient Architecture (IASA). Kate Nei designe Enrico Basta's house, Isabella.
The SPCB recently investigated account of 'mad house disease', where the AI in charge of running the house malfunctions. Although they concluded that there was no cause for alarm, Metropolitan Living Homes has announced the death of a Martin Swinton home named Cahir. At first little things were noticed - pets being left outside, Fixerbots arriving to repair perfectly functioning smart glass, but slowly the entire house began to wither away. The cause is currently a mystery.
Metropolitan Living Homes has launched a contest, the Annual MLH Debutante Ball 2142, in its search for outstanding home designers of the future.

Many house AIs are experiencing strange behavior. A second Martin Swinton house, Nostradamus, has died in mysterious circumstances. Ivy, Kate Nei's house AI, is in the process of disintegrating, and appears to have caused Enrico Basta's death by imprisoning him and torturing him with a laser. Jeanine Salla's AI hasn't resorted to using physical violence yet, but is getting ruder in her automatic e-mail and answer phone messages.

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