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Cybelle leads the investigation into the A.I. Game

All these sites are part of the AI mystery game. Use them to get to know the people and the AIs of the 22nd century, and to follow the intrigue as it unravels. I am here to help you with my regular updates, and don't hesitate to ask your questions to the AgentLand community!

If you have some hot news, then let me know at !

Many other people are also following the game: other fan sites include and
Many hands will make light work of this mystery!

Game sites
Anti-Robot Militia (ARM)
Aragon Institute of Technology (AIT)
Bangalore World University (BWU)
Beate Bosch
Catskill Seaview Clinic
Chan Family
Clinique de Lille
Coalition for Robot Freedom
Cybertronics Corporation
Donu-Tech Corporate
Electric Toyland Repair Shop
Eliza's Tearoom
Kate Nei
Martin Swinton Designs
Metropolitan Living Homes
Pan-American Coroners Office (PACO)
Rational Hatter
Rogue Retrieval
Salla Family
Sentient Property Crime Bureau (SPCB)
Seven to One
Sophia's Temple
The Visionary
Watchtower Security

Background to the Game

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