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Laia Salla
Connected with Evan Chan, who had some photographs of Laia on his personal pages at work.
Notes: Laia Salla is the granddaughter of Jeanine Salla, who she refers to as 'Abuela'.

Her home page describes hers as "implanted with AIs". The AI in question is called Mephista, and lives within Laia's body.

By registering on Laia's home page, you can receive e-mail updates which give some insights into the game.

Laia describes how Mephista has begun to have nightmares. Further emails tell how Mephista is ill, and does not always respond to Laia's requests.

Laia's father left the family when she was six to participate in a secret project on the moon. He was killed in a accident during this time.

Laia is unable to have children, according to the information in Sophia's Temple.

Laia had an affair with Evan Chan.

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