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Jeanine Salla
Education She was a graduate student under Allen Hobby during his last years at the Aragon Institute of Technology
Jobs Dynatech Chair in Computational Psychology at Banglore World Unversity
Jeanine's business card, written in English and Kannada, gives a clue to finding a new link
Interests As she says, "Like any bright child, the current generation of sophisticated AI's are capable of astonishing feats of learning. But also like any bright child, the AI has to want to learn. (...) A smart machine can be given relatively simple rule sets to govern its behavior, but a true Evolving Intelligence requires a persistent, dynamic, flexible-yet-targeted urge to grow."
Family Laia Salla, who calls Jeanine "Abuela" ('grandmother' in Spanish)
Colleen Francesca Salla
Friends Evan Chan, Nancy Chan (photographed with them in their garden). Loved going sailing on Cloudmaker with Evan.
Connected with Has written a number of articles with Martin Swinton about using AIs in the home.
Notes: Has written an 'emergency consultation' report on Loki, the AI at Catskill Seaview Clinic. Her conclusions found that Loki was pushing AIs in other institutions to suicide, and that Loki should be deleted from the Clinic immediately.

Jeanine's personal AI seems to be behaving strangely: her e-mail autoresponder is becoming rather abusive, for reasons as yet unknown.

In 2093, Jeanine worked with Allen Hobby and Katya Rukowski on a project at Cybertronics.

In 2095, she was awarded a procreation exemption by the Center for Population Control, allowing her to have a child. This child was probably Colleen Francesca Salla.

Jeanine has written a second Case Study, following the one on Loki. The subject this time is an AI created as a replica of Ms 'Bronze', in order to accompany her husband, AK, on his business trips. It would appear that the AI may have evolved beyond being a mere copy of Ms. Bronze, to the point where it was having an affair with AK independently. Jeanine did not feel able to help Ms. Bronze solve her problem.

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