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A.I. : the birth of a movie
AI - Artificial Intelligence - (c) Warner Bros The genesis of "Artificial Intelligence" goes back more than ten years, and is intimately linked to the man that some people consider to be the director of the century: Stanley Kubrick. In 1994, Stanley Kubrick officially announced that his next project would be a film code-named "A.I.". Following "Full Metal Jacket", the plot was already shrouded in mystery... It was only possible to know that the film would be based on a short story by Brain Aldiss, "Super-Toys Last All Summer Long". However, before beginning the production of "A.I." Kubrick decided to make a more intimate film with the Kidman-Cruise duo. This film, entitled "Eyes Wide Shut", would in fact be his last, with the death of the film-maker in March 1999 just before its release. His death seemed equally to signal the end of the "A.I." project...

AI - Artificial Intelligence - (c) Warner Bros However, Steven Spielberg soon made his interest known in taking over the geniusí unfinished work. This is not so surprising when you think that the two friends had worked together on the project and that Kubrick considered Spielberg to be the only person capable of carrying off the film, if he himself was not able to finish it. At the announcement of the film in 1994, Kubrick had explained how it was only in seeing "Jurassic Park" that the project had come back into his mind. With the prodigious developments in special effects and computer-generated animation, he felt that the images he had in his mind could at last be accurately depicted on the screen.

After the masterís death, it is now up to Spielberg to bring these images to life on the big screen...

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