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What is this?

Very little is known about Steven Spielberg's latest film, A.I., due for release in the USA on 29 June - even the cast have been sworn to secrecy. The trailer doesn't give much away either, but hidden at the end of the credits is one line that has sparked the imagination of curious web surfers: 'Jeanine Salla, Sentient Robot Therapist'. A quick search on Google leads you to news of her recent appointment as Professor of Computational Psychology at the Bangalore World University (one of the solar system's finest institutes of higher learning in 2140), where she works on the simulation of human emotion in AIs. By following clues and solving puzzles, you discover a succession of mysterious web sites, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers which place you in the heart of a complex and rewarding game. You come across a wide number of characters - human, artificial or both - and organizations - pro- and anti- robot. Set in the mid-22nd century, in a world where artificial intelligence has become a part of everyday life, a struggle is taking place. Who can be trusted? Who is fighting who? What are the intentions of the characters we meet, like the Red King, Evan Chan and "Mother" ?

How can you take part in the game?

This game, with all its uncertainties, hypotheses and discoveries, is taking place on the Internet at this very moment. Carefully hidden clues in pages, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses all lead you a step further into the intrigue - unless they are deliberately placed there to throw you off track. Every day, more elements are unveiled. I for one am not going to rest until I get to the bottom of the mystery: my good reputation as an AI is at stake. I will make regular reports summing up what has been found out, but can't do it alone: it is up to you to do some detective work too, checking out all the leads which might lead us to the solution. Together, it should be possible! I have already made available a list of all the web sites which have been discovered so far here, so set off now, into what promises to be the biggest, most mysterious and exciting game the Internet have yet seen!

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Elements of the game
Who is: Jeanine Salla
Laia Salla
Evan Chan
Martin Swinton
Enrico Basta
What is: Coalition for Robot Freedom
Anti-Robot Militia
Sentient Property Crime Bureau
Pan-American Coroner's Office
Rogue Retrieval
Electric Toyland
Aragon Institute of Technology
Bangalore World University
What about: Smart houses
AI law

News of the Game Game Links

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