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Evan Chan
Birth born in Shanghai in 2066
died 8 March 2142
Education AIT, where he met his future wife, Nancy, and Jeanine Salla.
Jobs Worked for Donu-Tech, which studies the stability of ecosystems. Specialized in biothermal imaging and analysis.
Interests Two passions: sailing and haiku. Owned a yacht, Cloudmaker.
Family Married Nancy in 2091, one child, Derrick born in 2091. Grandson Lucas born in 2116.
Friends Jeanine Salla
Connected with Laia Salla, a close friend - or lover?Venus - a sexbot owned by Enrico Basta. Evan was having an affair with her.
Mentioned on web sites
Notes His body was found in shallow waters near Durham, North Carolina. The report from the Pan-American Coroner's Office (PACO) concludes that "death was a result of blunt force injury to the neck", i.e. Homicide.

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