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Enrico Basta
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Notes Enrico Basta enjoys sailing, and once beat Evan Chan in a sailing regatta.
He is the owner of an intelligent house named Isabella, designed by Kate Nei.
His companion was Venus, the AI with Evan Chan was having an affair. Since Venus's disappearance, he has been in contact with Belladerma for a replacement who would be just as loyal, but bustier.
The Red King says Enrico Basta has bought Venus's past back - meaning perhaps the copy of her brain print made by the SPCB while she was in custody.
He did not pay Kate Nei her full fee for designing his house, Isabella.
Kate Nei may have blackmailed Enrico about something that happened inside his house.
Enrico Basta has been killed, attested by the presence of a coroner's report at PACO. He was trapped in his trophy room, and then burned to death by security lasers. The coroner concluded that it is a case of "Manslaughter by house AI system".

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