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Title A.I. : Artificial Intelligence
Director Steven Spielberg
Studio Warner Brother
Music John Williams
Screenplay Based upon the short story "Supertoys Last All Day Long" by Brian Aldiss. Adapted by Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg.
Special Effects ILM (Industrial light & Magic)
SWFX (Stan Winston Studio)
A.I. Artificial Intelligence - (c) Warner Bros

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A.I. : the story of a film

In the middle of the 21st century, global warming has caused the polar ice-caps to melt. As the water levels rise, the amount of inhabitable land has been reduced alarmingly. People trapped in over-populated floating cities have to live by strict rules aimed at dealing with the population crisis: each couple is permitted only one child.

Henry and Monica Swinton have just lost their son. Following an incurable disease, he has been cryogenized while his parents wait for a solution to be found. Now that they are alone, the Swintons decide to adopt a child. The law is the same for everybody, one and only one child, but technology offers new possibilities... And so the Swintons adopt David, eleven years old, brown-haired and blue-eyed... He looks like any other boy of his age. But despite his human appearance, David has been created artificially. Programmed to love his adopted parents and capable of emotions, David is unable to make himself loved by Monica, who he considers nonetheless to be his true mother. Despite her efforts, Monica can not forget her daughter and can only see Davidís inhumanity. This is the beginning of Davidís journey of initiation to find what will make him human.

A.I. : movie reviews

Steven Spielberg's movie "A.I." was released in the United States on Friday 29 June. So is it the movie we have all been waiting for? Is it 100% Spielberg, or is there still plenty of Kubrick left? Here are the links to the latest reviews of A.I.

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Scott's movie reviews! "'A.I.' Absolutely Incredible!"
Wired News The Truth Behind A.I.
The Genesis of A.I.

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