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Anti-Robot Militia (ARM)
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Role For the ARM, "It is coming down to a simple question-who will rule the world? Will it be mankind or the god-less automatons?" They oppose the "metal-heads.", whether they look like robots or humans, as a threat to humanity.
Mentions The Abolitionists, (Coalition for Robot Freedom), led by Katya Rukowski
BIOS, "the militant terrorist cult fronted by the Abolitionists".
A,R,I "a cult of unusually militant, terrorist robots that prey upon the weak and the innocent members of human society."
Notes the death of Evan Chan, slain by a "crazed sex robot".
Signals the murder of Kent Whitman by a rogue robot in Washington, D.C.
Notes The ARM held rallies on 6th May 2001 in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, in which game players were invited to participate.

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