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AI law
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Notes According to the SPCB,
"All sentient artificial constructs, including robots and robotic devices, inanimate devices and structures containing artificial intelligence, and all other sentient inanimate repositories, are deemed to be personal property and shall be governed by common laws and statutory laws addressing personal property. Said property shall have no special rights outside the rights of the given personal property owner."
This means that AI owners in the USA are responsible for the actions of the AIs in all situations, even after a malfunction. Hence the success of bounty hunters like Rogue Retrieval, who recover fugitive AIs before they can do too much damage.
The other consequence of this law is that AIs have no rights of their own - what the Campaign for Robot Freedom describes as a state of slavery. Senator Katherine Mann intends to introduce a bill, known as the Mann Act II, which would force a referendum on the legal status of sentient property.
In other countries, the legal situation is not the same. Australia has no legal restrictions on AIs, whereas Canada accords them a high level of protection.

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