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Download Zapper
Download Zapper
Zapper: zap boring searches!
With a single click, Zapper pops up from your computer to help you during you search. Fast, light and efficient, Zapper is waiting for just one thing: to be personalized!

Zapper is an advanced search agent, developed by Zapper Technologies. In a single click, Zapper gets you the information you want from a specific site.

Top Information upon request

After a rapid download and installation, Zapper automatically gives you a guided tour of the its main characteristics, followed by a registration form to fill in. In addition to the usual fields (such as name, e-mail, password), this form ask the user to specify their centers of interest (news, information, sport, etc.). Based on these specifications, personalized Zapper packs are downloaded. Then all you have to do is launch the software.

Zapper is a small utility program that works from any desktop application: e-mail, Web browser, word processor, etc. The idea is as follows: select a word or expression, then simultaneously press the [ctrl] key and the right button of the mouse,. Zapper pops up with the selected text automatically appearing in the "search" field. This is very handy when you are viewing a document and you want some information

Next, you just need to select the subject corresponding to your query by choosing the appropriate "pack". In this software’s terminology, a "pack" is a group of resources organized by themes that can be "agents" (dynamic links) or "Multizaps" (groups of dynamic links). After choosing a "pack" - a theme - one click on an agent will open the appropriate site with the results of your query, and a click on Multizap will open a window that aggregates the search results from many different sites. In sum Zapper will make your life easier: you have got a question? Zapper means you don’t need to type your query, as it offers you a selection of sites/engines and directories specialized in the subject and then launches the query directly on these sites. All that you have to do is analyze the results.

Top Easy customization

One of Zapper’s major assets is how easy it is to customize. It is very straightforward to add new "agents" to the software, either by using a very complete library created by Zapper’s team or (even better) by selecting your own search tools and integrating them to your library. This option is very easy to implement: just select the search field of the tool you want to add, enter the " %Z% " symbol and launch your search, as usual. Then, Zapper takes over by taking care of everything. It’s child’s play! The result is software that lets you build a collection of specialized tools, group them by themes and query then all in one go. Added to that is the ability to import bookmarks (or Favorites), edit existing packs, share packs by e-mail as well as do contextual searches. Zapper should be seen as one of the most useful search tools. After personalizing it to fit your needs, it will become an essential companion to your search, accessible in one click of the mouse. Not to Zap! ;-)

  Download Zapper
Download Zapper

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