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Download Xcleaner
Catch me if you can!
Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are being spied upon? That someone knows everything you are doing on your computer? Since most spy software is invisible, how would you know for sure if this is the case? And even if you managed to detect a spy, how would you get rid of it?

According to a report by the Privacy Foundation, more than 14 million Americans have been placed under electronic surveillance by their employer. Over 63% of companies monitor employee’s Internet activities: browsing, e-mail etc. (source: American Management Association). These figures don’t take into account the people who are spied upon by computer pirates or by their own husband or wife, colleagues or friends. Of course, electronic surveillance is not a general rule, but it is worth knowing how to unmask the spies.

Top The AntiSpy Brigade

Xcleaner Xcleaner is one of the programs that actively fights back against the spies, and participates in the protection of individual privacy. Unusually, it requires no installation: it comes with just one single file, ready to be executed. Things don’t come easier than that.

This software seeks out spyware on your computer. Its database of known spies is regularly updated. If it detects something but you are not sure what it is, don’t worry. In most cases, Xcleaner will inform you by referring to the database of hundreds of spyware programs, including their description and origins. Not content with rooting out spyware, it also hunts down adware, the little programs that launch ads while you browse.

Top From one surprise to another

As well as being anti-spyware, Xcleaner helps to clean up all the traces of your activity on the Internet: cookies, the contents of the cache (in Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, Opera); the list of recently opened files, the logs of on-line conversations and ICQ chats, etc. It is certainly exhaustive.

Xcleaner also contains some useful bonuses. It has a password generator, to avoid using the same, easy solution each time; a module that deletes all the images on the hard drive and a few other surprises that you will discover in time.

Given that Xcleaner automatically deletes information from your computer, it is recommended to become familiar with its features before doing any major cleaning up. Don’t forget to uncheck the folders that you want to keep! Even the most simple tools can present a risk. It should also be noted that certain features are not available in the free version of Xcleaner.

Now you know how to detect the spies!

  Download Xcleaner
Download Xcleaner

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