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Download Window Washer
Download Window Washer
Window Washer
Window Washer: clean up your footprints!
Did you know that your computer can be washed clean? Most software stores information about your computer activity: the documents you opened, the sites you visited and many other things. Anybody can know what you have been doing. Whatís more, storing this information takes up a great deal of hard disk space that will keep growing if you donít do something about it! Thereís nothing better than a bit of spring-cleaning to make your computer seem brand new!

Window Washer is an excellent "cleaning" agent that removes all record of your activities on the computer. Easy-to-use, it will rapidly become essential for protecting your privacy. Erasing out traces of your activities needs to be done frequently to recover lost hard disk space. It is a boring manual operation Ė but Window Washer does it automatically. You can program this agent to regularly get rid of unwanted files.

Top Nothing will escape!

Window Washer leaves nothing to chance: used documents history, Windows history, temporary files, trash bin, Web site visited using Netscape or Internet Explorer, are all cleaned out... Even if you install new applications that leave tracks you want to erase, Window Washer will take care of everything. You just have to specify the directory folder path to be dealt with.

On your computer, is there a secret place where you temporarily put personal messages or confidential files? You lent your computer to someone but forgot to delete them? If so, call in a professional cleaner like Window Washer.

Experienced users can clean out pieces of information contained in the Windows Registry. However, you should only do so if you master the Registry commands, otherwise you may destabilize your Windows installation.

Top Intelligent cleaning

If you have cookies* that you want to keep for practical reasons, you can declare them in a list which stops them from being cleaned out. The trial version lasts 30 days and the help module of Window Washer is clear, even for people who have never used this kind of software before. Window Washer cleans out only unwanted traces. Spies need to be on their best behaviour!

  Download Window Washer
Download Window Washer

* Cookies are small files containing pieces of information that are placed on your hard drive when you visit a site. They are associated with a particular server or directory folder and sent to that server on your next visit to the site.

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