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WebZIP : the site retrieval toolbox
With its user-friendly interface and original features, WebZIP combines business with pleasure. Itís not only a site retriever, but also a real content management tool because it is able to capture, update, compress and export the retrieved information.

Easy-to-install, WebZIP has an atypical graphic interface with a main window whose content changes according to the task in progress.

To capture a Web site, you just need to create a "New task" in the "Action" menu and follow the wizard. The integrated browser lets you visualize downloaded sites, as well as browse the Web, as it has all the major buttons for browsing: "Back", "Next", "Refresh" and "Stop".

To save time, WebZIP enables you to use a pre-defined list of downloading profiles: "all the site", "all the sub-directory", etc.

Top No links will escape

As for the advanced capture settings, WebZIP has all the characteristics of a "nomad" capture tool. Certain file types (image, sounds, programs...) can be excluded. If the extension of a file you want is not available in the pre-defined list, thereís no problem, you just have to add it.

The links filter allows you to limit the capture to links containing a certain chain of characters. It is possible, for example, to only capture links that start with, which means that links starting will be ignored, whereas the link will be retrieved.

WebZIP, like its competitors, has a "downloading depth" feature. With zero depth, for example, the agent will capture only the displayed page. A depth level of 1 will retrieve the current page and the links that are present on that page. This feature works not only for pages on the current Web site, but also with external links. Programming of automatic downloads, as well as the visualization of downloaded pages and images are possible with this agent.

Once the site capture starts, capture details are available. You can know how many pages, images, sounds, etc have been downloaded and how many are left. When the capture is finished, a report is edited for your archives and for easy access to the download.

Top Your site like a help file ? Incredible but WebZIP

WebZIP is not just a site capture tool, it also allows you to compress the captured site in ZIP format. You can transfer your Web site to a mobile disk or send it to friends by e-mail. However, what makes WebZIP a unique capture tool is that it can convert your site into a single help file, just like you find in the "help" sections of most software. In just a few clicks, you obtain a compressed help file with a table of contents, an index and full text search possibilities. But to do so, you need to install the "far" utility for WebZIP, which is available at the following address: The icing on the cake is that this Web capture toolís interface can be customized with skins. The demo version of WebZIP works for a limited period and doesnít allow you to resume interrupted downloads, update captured sites, or try to download dead links again later. The survival kit for intensive site capturing is therefore not totally complete: by choosing the paid version, this will rapidly be resolved. You will then be able to fully appreciate the joys of capturing sites.


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