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Download WebWhacker
Download WebWhacker
WebWhacker : not just any site retrieval tool!
WebWhacker is a Web page downloading agent, or in other words a site capture tool that makes all or part of the information available on your computer. Each local Web site is an exact replica of the original, allowing you to browse off-line, without an Internet connection.

WebWhacker has a main window divided into three parts. The first one is for organizing the sites into categories, a second one displays the jobs in progress and the third is for viewing downloaded sites in the integrated browser. However to use the software, you must register it first: a simple step but an essential one.

Unlike many site retrieval tools which only capture sites, WebWhacker also enables you to organize them. A pre-defined list of categories (Arts, Finance,..) lets you classify the sites according to their content. You can create, move or delete a category but be careful, as moving a category or subcategory implies that all the sites linked to it will also be moved.

Top WebWhacker does it all

A downloading wizard will help you make your first site capture, step by step. The settings allow you to specify the depth level, filters, programmed downloads and updates.

With the depth level setting feature you can decide how much of the site to download. For example level 1 will only download the page that you are viewing, level 2 will download the current page and its links. As for the filters, they enable you to limit the download. You can filter out certain types of files, define the maximum size of pages to capture, choose not to download images and videos, or just download site content and not the complete folder... If you donít have much time, WebWhacker lets you program automatic captures. You just give the URL and time, and WebWhacker does the rest. For this, you have to make sure that the Windows task scheduling is correctly activated. For sites that change often, you can set automatic updates to get the most recent version on your hard drive. The updating feature detects any changes and downloads the modified pages. However, it is a shame that there is no way to easily view what has changed.

Top Features, nothing but features

In order to make rapid captures, there is a small permanent WebWhacker bar with two buttons. With a single click you can download the page you are on, with the "QuickCopy" button. The second one, "Grab", launches the download wizard. This user-friendly retrieval tool lets you explore the site tree, export it to another folder and check for dead links.

However, WebWhacker is limited when it comes to importing bookmarks. It only accepts bookmarks in HTML format, so if you use Internet Explorer Favorites, you unfortunately wonít be able to import them directly. The search mode for captured sites is not very advanced either, although it does accept the Boolean operator "AND" as well as truncations.

The 2000 version has a limited trial period. Once you have tried it, why not get all the features of the pay version Ė itís a safe bet. Life is easier with WebWhacker than without it. So relax and let it... retrieve!

  Download WebWhacker
Download WebWhacker

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